Clarity Student Camp

Clarity Student Camp

Southern Wesleyan University

907 Wesleyan Dr, Central, SC 29630

Gospel Clarity is the answer to our greatest need today. Gospel Clarity provides the grounding needed for our mental fortitude and spiritual stability. As the sands of change shift beneath the structures of the world, Christians are grounded in the truths and promises of the gospel (Luke 6:48). If Christians are to continue stable and steadfast, it will be because of the eternal, fixed realities of the gospel (Col. 1:23). Christians will rise above the chaos of this world as they stand firm in their faith (1 Pet. 5:9). That requires the steely conviction of Gospel Clarity. Join us Summer 20212 Clarity Camp. Clarity is more valuable than ever before. Get Clarity here.

Get ready for a gospel-infused student camp experience!

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