Building Faith

Scripture Reference

  1. Hebrews 10:1-10 Related

This morning we join together again digitally as we begin a new series entitled Building Faith. This series will take us through the many several weeks to come. Have you ever felt like you were on the “performance track” requiring you to do this, this and that in order to pump the system up and down to get a specified outcome? We know this isn’t the way God works but still we return to this. Join us this morning for encouragement on the “grace track” and be reminded that we are sanctified through Christ alone.

Following the message, reflect in meditation on these questions:

How are we bent to prefer the performance track? Even though it is miserable why do we go back to it?
What does it mean that He sanctified us? Are you sure that you are sanctified? How are you unsure and will you ask someone about that this week?
How can you enhance your delight to do His will? What promises and encouragements of God can enhance your delight in His purposes? What desires can we diminish?
Have you wished your mother “Happy Mother’s Day?”