Christ’s Reign during the Millennium

Scripture Reference

  1. Zechariah 6:12-15 Related

Review the 10 words of Theology

Bibliology – God’s Holy Word

Theology proper- God the Father

Christology – The Lord Jesus Christ

Pneumatology – God the Holy Spirit

Anthropology – Man

Hamartiology – Sin

Soteriology – Salvation

Ecclesiology – Church

Angelology – Angels and Demons

Eschatology – Last things/ End Times

1) Christ will Reign on Earth-Millennium 

Premillennial- Christ returns before a 1000-year reign on earth.

Postmillennial- Christ returns after the 1000-year spiritual reign.

Amillennial- There is no millennium and Christ returns after the church age.  

2) Christ’s Reign will be Amazing- Zech. 6:12-15

A) The Messiah will branch out from His place v. 12

B) The Messiah will build His temple v. 12

C) The Messiah will bear the royal honor v. 13

D) The Messiah will rule on His throne v. 13

E) The Messiah will be a priest and king v. 13

F) The Messiah will promote peace v. 13

3) Responding to Christ, King Forever v. 15