Ascribe Summit

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness (Psalm 29:2). 

For all eternity, from every nation, tribe, and tongue, we will be ascribing glory to the Lord. He is worthy of our worship, not only in eternity, but now. How we worship the Lord now – what we do today – will follow us into eternity! Therefore, may our whole lives be an act of worship unto The King!

This is Ascribe Summit. Imagine three days with 120 brothers and sisters in Christ from churches in Miami to Orlando to Tampa, meditating upon heavenly realities, worshipping the Lord, searching the Scriptures, thinking through how to honor the Lord in all of life! This is Ascribe Summit.

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Ages 18 – 29 are welcome!

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Camp Speaker

Kurt was saved out of a home where there was no gospel influence. God rescued him and gave him light for his darkness, hope for his despair, and Christ’s righteousness for his sin. The beauty and power of the gospel of grace overwhelm him to this day. For his ministry training, Kurt studied at The Master’s Seminary and served at Grace Community Church under John MacArthur. He received his doctorate from Southern Seminary. The Lord has sent him to serve with ministries in North Carolina and Chicago. And now, he and his family are home in Central Florida, where his roots run deep. He is most passionate about: 1) making disciples 2) training leaders and 3) Doing all things for the sake of the gospel.

Location: Camp Sparta- 5055 Camp Sparta Rd, Sebring, FL 33875

Date: Jan 12-14, 2024