Grove Students

The Grove Students purpose is to help build a foundation in which the students can grow upon.

Our Mission

The somber truth is that the enemy, the world, and the flesh is against your students. From indoctrination in schools, to social media, there are a lot of forces against your student. That’s where we want to help…

The Grove believes that a student should have God’s word hidden in their heart (Psalm 119:9Ephesians 4:14).

With the help of small group leaders, the pastors are committed to every single student. Before they ever get to a ministry night, they promise to adhere to clearly established safety procedures, they plan creative ways to interact with students, and they pray that God would be at work in the ministry.

Pastor Andrew leads the Student Ministry alongside of Pastor Kevin and a variety of other small group leaders. If you have any questions feel free to email Pastor Andrew at: andrewd@thegrovetampa.org