Behold, God is my Helper

Scripture Reference

  1. 1 Samuel 13-14 Related

God’s direction-sometimes you have questions

God’s protection-sometimes you have problems

God’s correction-sometimes you sin

Through it all, God is there.  God cares.

22:1-14 David Saves Keilah through God’s Direction

1) David’s trust in God

2) God overwhelms David’s inadequacy

3) God speaks to David

22:15-29 David Saved through God’s Protection

1) Jonathan strengthens David in the Lord

2) The disaster of Saul: hypocrisy, self-pity and superficial repentance

3) God delivers Psalm 54

23 David’s Stronghold of God’s Grace

1) David’s godliness through the trials

2) Returning good for evil: Living by God’s grace