Crown of Consequence: The Victor

Scripture Reference

  1. 1 Corinthians 15:57-58 Related

Join us this morning for the final message from the series in the Crown of Consequence. We hear from Pastor Kurt about the Victory that Christ has won. Dive into 1 Cor 15 for a message about the spoils of victory and our resultant victory dance. Following the message, reflect a few minutes on what this victory means. These questions can help guide your thoughts.

1) What are the practical implications of His victory over death and sin?
2) List the graces that Christ has purchased for us?
3) List the categories of ministry where you could abound in the work of the Lord (home, communion, evangelism, etc.)
4) What is your attitude toward work for the Lord? Give three adjectives.
5) How practically can you live out His resurrection power by working more diligently for the Lord? (Even right now in the middle of this COVID crisis)