Humility Wins All

Scripture Reference

  1. 1 Samuel 18-19 Related

18:1-5 David and Jonathan

Humility wins the day: Jonathan

1) Jonathan’s humility

2) David’s humility

18:6-16 Saul’s jealous rage

Jealousy ruins everything: Saul

1) Saul’s jealousy

2) Saul’s spear 

3) Saul’s attempts at David’s life

18:17-19:17 Michal and Jonathan stand by David

Honesty takes a shot: Jonathan and Michal

1) Saul’s thinking was corrupt

2) Jonathan’s correction

3) Michal’s bravery

19:18-24 Samuel, David and “Prophets”

Power covers the protected: Samuel’s accountability

1) David’s expensive accountability

2) God’s power to protect