Lifegroups: Hearing + Doing = Gain

Scripture Reference

  1. James 1:22-25 Related

This week we continue our series looking at the Biblical principles supporting lifegroups. This week looks at what happens when we are not only hearers of the word but doers also. Following the sermon, take a few moments to reflect on your own life and see how you personally can become both a better hearer and a better doer. The questions below can help guide your meditation.

1. Do I expect God to speak to me and shape me when I come to church?

2. How do I discipline myself to respond each week?

3. What discipline can I improve to make myself a great sermon listener?

Remember also to think about fasting and asking God to position our church where we can be used to bring most glory to our deserving King. See the announcement from Elder Dan and Pastor Kurt here for more information.