Ruth: Tracing Hope’s Path

Scripture Reference

  1. Ruth 1:1-22 Related

Today we begin a new series leading up through Christmas tracing the story of HOPE found in the book of Ruth. This morning we begin with the journey of Ruth and Naomi from Moab to Bethlehem.

Reflect on the sermon from this week. Look at these questions as a guide.

1. How are you developing a theology of suffering? Are you fortified for life’s calamities?

2. Does your commitment to God mimic Ruths? 1:16
How can you grow your commitment to God?

3. What is your default reference point? Circumstance, Self, or Savior?
What needs to change to reference the Savior? Do you have the help you need to repent?

4. What have you learned from God and His ways from Ruth 1?