The Surpassing Value of Jesus Christ

Scripture Reference

  1. Philippians 3:8; 2:5-11 Related

1) Humility

            2) Exaltation 

GOSPEL (Phil. 3:9-14) The Mountainscape Graphic

            3) Salvation by Faith Alone

            4) Sanctification on the hustle The Great Adventure of the Christian Life

Unity (Phil. 4:1-3) John Lennon Quote

            5) Costs us our pride 

Molehills turn to mountains by responding to the flesh.  Molehills turn to opportunities of grace by functioning in the spirit

            6) Unity in the mission (Planter or a Pot image)

The mindset 

            7) Esteem others are more 2:3, 4

            8) Captive to God’s Word THJPLCEP (Phil. 4:8)

Disciple-making (Phil. 1:21-26)

            9) The Reason We Remain

            10) Taking personal spiritual responsibility