Andrew Dobrescu

Assistant Pastor

Years at The Grove: 2021-Present 

I was raised in Chicago, Illinois by a God-loving family, but what I thought to be a relationship with God, I eventually found out was just knowledge about Him. Ever since that realization, I have sought relationship with God. I pray that I never lose the passion that I have today. 

For my ministry training I have had the privilege of studying at Trinity Christian College and Northern Seminary. Prior to my time at the Grove, I served and worked at Harvest Bible Chapel for 8 years, which was beneficial to my spiritual growth as a leader. 

I am most passionate about: 1) Building young leaders; 2) Building relationships with people; 3) Doing all things for the sake of the gospel. 

As for my favorite things, I enjoy athletics, games, and music. I always have a bundle of energy, which helps me fit in well and keep up with the student ministry.