Nisu Patel

Pastoral Resident


Years at the Grove: 2021-Present

Christ saved Nisu from gaining the whole world and forfeiting his soul on March 22, 2017. On that night, through His servant Kurt Gebhards, Nisu went from a hardcore atheist to a slave of Christ. By the grace of God, his heart and life were immediately transformed.

Nisu spent seven years serving families in financial planning. During the last four years, God gave Nisu the privilege of shepherding in a variety of forms including teaching, children’s ministry, and street evangelism. In December of 2020, God brought Nisu into full-time pastoral ministry and moved him down to Florida to be with The Grove.

Nisu is currently pursuing an M.Div. at Shepherds Theological Seminary, and Lord willing, will be sent out to plant another local Church in His timing. He treasures morning quiet times with the Lord, sharing a meal (especially after corporate worship), and being with the saints in fellowship.

Fun fact: In my free time, I really enjoy escape rooms and trying to ethnic cuisines!