5 Encouragements for the Mutant Swarm

Scripture Reference

  1. Psalms 90:1-17 Related

This Sunday we gather again in the digital realm with our brothers and sisters and take a look at Psalm 90. Pastor Kurt Gephards expands on 5 encouragements we can take in this time of trouble and uncertainty knowing our God is unchanging. Following the service, take a few moments to reflect using the questions below to guide your thoughts and discussion.

1) How can you shelter in God’s strength more consistently?

2) How are Lifegroups help us in our frailty?

3) Are you sure that Christ has paid the price, taken the wrath for you? Who will you talk with to gain greater clarity on your eternal destiny?

4) How does considering our end grow our wisdom?

5) Which of the seven great graces do you need the most right now?