The Crown of Consequence: The Virus

Scripture Reference

  1. Luke 13:1-5 Related

This Palm Sunday we begin a new series which will take us through Holy Week and beyond as we look at the Crown of Consequence. Grab your Bible and join us as we dive into Luke 13. This week we introduce a few new elements to our online service including a spot from Grove Kids, a welcome to a new family and a few elements of specific guided prayer. We encourage you to join in these elements as you rewatch this week. If you would like to follow along with our live chat, you can join us on YouTube Here. Following the service take a few minutes to reflect with us in meditation. Here are a few questions you can use to guide your thoughts.

1. What is the worst possible outcome of the COVID crisis?

2. What does Jesus want you to focus on instead of the physical threats?

3. Which of those spiritual are the greatest threats to you?

4. How does someone prepare for final judgment? Do you know that you are ready?