Lifegroups: Goal of Maturity in Christ (part 2)

Scripture Reference

  1. Ephesians 4:11-16 Related

This week we wrap up the sermon series around the Biblical calling for Lifegroups. As we launch full swing into our Lifegroups meeting this week, keep in mind the goal of Lifegroups is to rise to maturity in Christ. Over the past weeks, we have looked at many aspects of Lifegroups. Week 1 we saw that the Christian life is a life of challenge. Next we looked at the fellowship with Christ and one to another found in Lifegroups. We looked at the Hospitality mindeset and the blessings of joy found in unity. We learned to be not just hearers of the word but doers also and how Lifegroups allow us to live out the word. We spent some time looking at the importance of confessing sin to one another with a purpose of mutual ministry and helping one another overcome. We learned how Lifegroups make us purpose transformed for ministry as we are called and equipped and how our Lifegroup time raises us to new levels of maturity in Christ. Our sole purpose is to bring glory to God and the road to doing that is discipleship. The vehicle on that road is Lifegroups. Following the sermon, take time to reflect on your position of maturity in Christ and how you can take steps this week to grow further. Below are some questions to guide your thoughts. Take the opportunity to look back at the questions and sermons from the rest of this series and reflect how you will be invested in Lifegroups and not just an attender.

1. In what ways can I sharpen my understanding of the gospel?

2. How can I grow in speaking the truth in love?

3. How should my involvement increase?

4. How do I intend to commit meaningfully to my Lifegroup?