Lifegroups: The Goal of Lifegroups: Maturity in Christ

Scripture Reference

  1. Ephesians 4:11-16 Related

Moving on this week in our series on the Biblical importance of lifegroups, we look at the vehicle of Lifegroups for growing in maturity in Christ. This week is part one of two weeks we will spend on the topic. In addition to the main points, Pastor Kurt also takes a few minutes to look at the 10 points of the “parking lot to pulpit” philosophy. Click HERE to download this list so you can print it out and keep it with you in your Bible, car or bag. Following the message, have a few minutes to reflect on your own maturity level in Christ. Below are a few questions to help you meditate on these points in your self assessment.

1. What does the Bible teach about appreciating the grace gift of leaders?

2. In what practical ways are you pursuing equipping for greater fruitfulness?

3. How substantial is your service and ministry to the church?

4. How can I better prepare to put the Lord Jesus on display from the parking lot to the pulpit?