Serving with Sincerity

Scripture Reference

  1. Zechariah 7 Related

This morning we get the privilege of hearing from Pastor Dan as Kurt is out of town. As we listen to the message this morning about serving our Lord, think about the way you serve. Are your motives in line with Christ’s calling?

Following the message, continue in reflection and allow these questions to help guide your thoughts with God.

What are my desires in my service to the Lord? Are they all rooted in right motives?
Have I been convicted this morning by God’s word about an area of my life and service that lacks sincerity? If so, where?

In the examples of true sincerity, do I reflect who the Father is? If not, is there a specific area I can pursue growth in?

How can I be praying for and serving disadvantaged people in my community?
Is there something specific I am convicted about this morning that the Lord would have me repent of?